Esports & Gambling: Merging Two Worlds

Esports and Gambling are two different worlds merging together and, even if in an evolving phase, this is a good time to illustrate both fusing aspects.

As the years have progressed, the emergence of Esports has shown great strides in competing and rivalling major sporting avenues. Where Football, Basketball and Baseball used to be the big go-tos on the weekend T.V., competitive games such as League of Legends, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike have many enraptured and enthralled at our screens. With the 2016 events such as the League of Legends World Finals pulling in more concurrent views than the Super Bowl itself, other areas of sports are being sucked into the ever-growing world of Electronic Competitive Gaming.

Esports, the untouched goldmine

Throughout the years, gambling and betting have always been things that go somewhat hand in hand with all kind of sports. Whether it be the dog races, horse races, or to things such as the baseball diamond or the football fields, betting has persisted wherever money can possibly be made. During 2014 and 2015, though, Esports saw the rise of betting websites such as Pinnacle and Betway, other fantasy esports (contests) operators such as DraftKing and FanDuel attempting to enter the market saw many issues arise which hindered their growth. But, even with those setbacks, betting on Esports is very prominent. So, then, what are the differences that newcomers would need to watch out for when betting on Esports? Here are two major points to know about.

Esports, the untouched goldmine

In Esports Betting, Expect the Unexpected

The first thing to note when getting into Esports betting is how much the game affects your odds. Now, this may sound like the usual lecture, but hear me out. With Esports, the Game itself will change regularly. What I mean by this is the fact that the way the game is played varies heavily on what changes are implemented during routine updates known as patches. This can be seen specifically in MOBA games such as League of Legends and Dota 2, where patches between seasons will completely sweep away what you knew before, and introduce new elements that you must keep track of. For this reason, understanding the odds that come with the changes is time-consuming and tedious, which makes for tough betting if that is your genre of choice. In short, the rules of the game will change drastically for some genres of Esports, but not so much for others, whereas in sports such as basketball and soccer, the rules are primarily very static with little change to the actual gameplay.

esports betting league of legends capozzi

The Esports Vibe – Change Is The Only Constant

The second thing is the element of the teams. Similar to most sports you see on TV, each team fields a roster at the start of the season and has a set of starters and substitutes. Each player has a certain duty and style of play, and must make use of their style to help their team win the game. Unfortunately, that’s where the similarities really end. Player trading during a season or even within a week is very standard within Esports. A team playing their starting roster for week 1 of a season could have a completely different team fielded come week 4 of their season, whereas you might see some players contracted for years with other sports. This can completely sway your betting odds as each new player brought on can swing your odds up or down, so keeping up with player and roster swaps throughout the season becomes paramount. Not only is player trading and swapping routine, but each player’s “playstyle” is a big inconsistent factor. As I talked about above, each game is constantly evolving and shifting, for better or for worse. Each player can generally push through and adapt, but some adapt better than others. Because of this, watching their playstyle and seeing if it matches with the current meta, or “Most effective tactic available”, will sway your odds as well.

Predictions are left to you

With Esports, betting is an extremely muddled swamp. Who do you bet on, who do you save? Who do you pick as your dark horse, and who do you play as the underdog? These are all up to your own tastes, as is just about every betting instance, but for some, betting on the game with fewer variables is sometimes preferred. So, here is a simple breakdown: within the top Esports genres, MOBAs generally have higher variables with more betters and odds, so a higher chance of a better payout. FPS generally have fewer variables and more static changes, so the game itself doesn’t change, but has a lower betting count, so lower payouts. This is just a rough outline, and can be broken down further if so wished, but this is a great guideline for people wishing to get into the competitive Esports gambling and our betting world.

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