The top 7 digital marketing trends we have learnt in 2016

Good news, everyone! Today, I am happy to present here the top 7 digital marketing trends we have learnt so far in 2016.

1. Focused Planning

Marketers want to reign in the everything/everywhere approach, and plan to be more connected to customers by focusing on one channel at a time. This means research, planning and competitive analysis.

2. PPC is Changing

For 60% of marketers, PPC ads were more effective in 2015 than in 2014. Still, though, we found there’s always room for optimization. In most cases, 80% of the PPC budget gives a ROAS lower than 1. And with Google eliminating AdWords right rail real estate, PPC is about to become more difficult and more competitive.

3. SEO is Becoming Harder

Google is rewarding mobile-friendly sites. Traditional SEO efforts are no longer enough. Having a responsive site and blended PPC strategy is absolutely essential to earning a high ranking, especially with the expected increases in competition.

4. Marketing Budgets will be shifted towards Creative Approaches

The use of traditional advertising channels such as PPC and social media marketing will continue to rise. But companies will also start exploring new venues. It’s all about testing, and you’ll see companies doing more and more of this.

5. Social Media Marketing is becoming Critical

For every 100,000 followers on Facebook, only 130 people will click on an organic post. What does that mean? Well for one thing, you need to start thinking about emerging opportunities in social media, with Instagram and Pinterest opening up their ad networks. It’s all about being creative and staying relevant.

6. Mobile will take Centre Stage in the Customer Journey.

We all know mobile is getting more and more important by the day, and research indicates that mobile ads perform about five times better than traditional web ads (based on most common mobile ads that are sold on cost per click, cost per acquisition and cost per thousand bases).

7. Increased personalization and segmentation.

Marketers will need to focus more than ever on personalization and segmentation. Email campaigns need to be personalized and catered to actual individuals, content needs to target specific personas and sub-personas, and landing pages need to relate to people on an individual level.


My Honest Conclusion:

2016 is the year of “Looking people in the eye digitally”

The last few decades of marketing tactics have made us quite lazy communicators. It’s time to look into what is working and what makes sense relative to changing shopping trends, and then go out and do more of those things.


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